Now Partnered With Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association

The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) provides destination development, marketing, industry and experience development, and research services. Together, we are committed to creating a strong and healthy tourism economy whilst minimizing the impact on our natural and cultural resources by promoting sustainable business practices and responsible travel.

TOTA is and industry-led organization that represents and supports all business and community tourism interests throughout the Thompson Okanagan. They are guided by their Regional Tourism Strategy, Embracing Our PotentialCommitted to fostering a region of remarkable experiences, their goals align with ours, and reflect both the strategic direction of Destination British Columbia and the needs and priorities of the Thompson Okanagan.

TOTA is committed to becoming a world-renowned accessible destination and the goal is to promote Full Inclusion and Accessibility in all aspects of community and tourism experiences, products and services in the Thompson Okanagan region. Travel-for-All fully supports these efforts and is proud to recognize the Thompson Okanagan Region as  fully accessible travel destination.

Full inclusion and accessibility allows equal opportunity and participation for people with different abilities, and it nurtures a sense of belonging and well being for all involved. For people with different abilities, inclusion and accessibility is an essential piece to living, working, playing and travelling, with and alongside family and friends.

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