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At Travel For All we understand acutely the challenges faced by people with disabilities when they travel. They are leaving the safety of what is familiar it can be extremely stressful to be away from an environment that they are accustomed to. The anxiety this causes for some is a significant obstacle.

Having assisted thousands of travellers with specific requirements to see the world, our experts at Travel For All will be able to make personalized recommendations that fit your individual travel style and dreams!

We understand that just because something is labelled as accessible that doesn't necessarily mean that it is. Our agency actively audits our suppliers to ensure that they can meet or exceed the requirements of our clients. This is particularly important in destinations that are less popular, and may not have up to date information easily available online. Almost every disabled traveller has at least one story of encountering this sort of challenge where they believed they would be accommodated and were not. Working with a knowledgeable advisor significantly reduces the likelihood that travellers will face these situations during their trip.

Our Accessible Travel Specialists will work closely with you, creating an itinerary that will allow you to travel with complete confidence. We are available to assist you throughout the entire travel process.

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Picture of your beach wheelchair at Dolphin Resorts in Curacao

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