Icelandic bars, restaurants, and pubs are a perfect choice for travelers seeking smoke-free environment since smoking and other use of tobacco is banned in all enclosed public spaces.  The local law also includes all public land that is to be used by kids, so families on holiday there can look forward to clear air (if only the smoking ban applied to volcanoes as well).


has been one of the leaders in campaigning against tobacco. It was the first country in the world that enacted an absolute ban on smoking in enclosed workplaces. The ban naturally applies to all clubs, bars, restaurants and pubs.


Smoking in enclosed public spaces is banned throughout the whole country so Australia is another perfect destination for anti-smoking tourists. Destructive bushfires are often caused by lit cigarettes and thus it is no surprise that the authorities fight against smoking quite zealously.


has been a smoke-free zone for several years now. Visitors seeking some clear air thus don’t have to be afraid to explore the local bars and restaurants. Moreover, in some provinces the shop owners even have to keep tobacco out of sight of customers.


Smoking ban applying to all cafes, restaurants and bars was enforced in Norway back in 2004. Perhaps as a result of the policy the number of smokers has steadily declined over the last years. What remains popular especially among young men here however is a type of oral tobacco called 'snus'.


On October 1, 2010 a no smoking law went into effect for Barbados. Barbadians and visitors to the shores of Barbados stand to be prosecuted if found smoking in public areas.


Spice Island Beach Resort Amidst swaying palms and sea grape trees on Grand Anse Beach lies Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada’s most luxurious retreat. This elegant boutique hotel offers 64 contemporary suites, some featuring private pools. Smoke-free environment: The Spice Island Beach Resort is completely smoke-free. Smoking will not be allowed in any area of the resort.

Cuba Melia

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