So you're thinking about a destination wedding...

After all, why wouldn't you? Imagine getting married on a sandy Caribbean beach, or in the middle of the ocean on a Transatlantic cruise, or even free-falling from an aeroplane with fifteen of your closest friends. If you can imagine it, your Travel Agent can help you plan it!

Nowadays, you truly can have it all and your dream wedding is limited only by your imagination. However, there are a few important considerations to make before you call your agent to start planning.

Number 1: Consider your guest list.

It's your Wedding Day for heaven sake! This day needs to be all about you and your happiness which is why it is vitally important to consider your guest list before planning your destination wedding.

Ask yourselves this very important question: "Who do YOU want to spend the day with?"

If you come from a large family, or have a huge social circle, or you want everyone you know to come to your wedding, you'll need to consider a destination very carefully. Can so many people get time off at just the right moment to be able to come to your destination wedding? Will people come if it's very far away? Do they still have time to get all the proper travel documents? And most importantly, can they afford to travel to the destination you have in mind?

On the other hand, if you're looking for a small, intimate gathering with just the two of you and a few of your closest friends, all of whom love to travel and have the means to do so, then a destination wedding will be something you'll all remember!

Of course, a destination can be close to home, so there's always that...

Number 2: Consider your destination.

Once you have your guest list figured out, it's time to decide where to go! Maybe you've always

The wedding of your dreams in an exotic or remote location is just a phone call away! Call 1-250-984-3032 today!

dreamed of a wedding beneath the stars in the middle of the sea, or maybe you want to get married at the top of a snow covered mountain peak bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun. Or maybe you want to get married at a particular time of the year, and you want to know the best place for a wedding that season!

Whatever you want your destination wedding to be, your travel agent is a great help here! We have a whole bunch of questions that will help you narrow down the options until you pinpoint the ideal wedding location for your special day!

Once we've pinpointed the ideal location, an agent will make sure you have all the right documents in place to ensure an easy day. All destinations have marriage and licensing requirements, some of which include the couple being in the country for up to several days before the ceremony can be performed. Your agent will ensure you know the requirements and have everything you need!

Number 3: Consider your budget.

Money is always important, perhaps never more so than when a couple is just starting out. A destination wedding is a great way to add value to your vacation dollars, and your travel agent can make sure you get the most out of everything that's available to your preferred location.

Imagine how relaxing it will be to let professionals take care of all the minute details while you get to celebrate your love for each other in a destination you've always dreamed of! There's real value in that so let us help you plan the day of your dreams!

The wedding of your dreams in an exotic or remote location is just a phone call away! Call 1-250-984-3032 today!

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