Holland America Cruise - 22 Days


Going on a cruise is a wonderful thing. As your ship pulls out from the dock, ever so slowly churning up the water as the bow begins to break waves, you feel your troubles begin to slip away. There’s nothing like having everything taken care of for you, but don’t be fooled; not all cruise lines are the same when it comes to accessibility. The Accessibility Specialists at Travel-for-All are quite particular when it comes to making travel arrangements, but a Holland America Cruise meets and exceeds all of our criteria for a fully accessible vacation.

Holland America Cruise Lines can be wheelchair accessible. Let Travel-for-all arrange everything for you!There’s really no better time than now to take a cruise as it truly is one of the best vacation values for your dollar. You’ll be pampered the entire time you’re on board plus a cruise vacation can be relaxing, revitalizing or exhilarating, the choice is yours to make as you can do as much or as little as you want. There’s something magical about being out on the open sea, cocktail in hand while you lounge by the pool, or sailing along one of the world’s great rivers, as picturesque villages and towns pass you by.

Cruise vacation benefits include cost savings, safety, convenience, and fun. The All-Inclusive lifestyle is easy to get used to, and in no time, you could be poolside sipping an ice-cold, tropical beverage, or exploring the ship, or settling into your stateroom while you meet your cabin attendant and make arrangements to accommodate your travel requirements for the duration of your journey.

Accessibility Specialist Jim Ryan recently took a “dream come true” Panama cruise with his family. Although worried about many things before setting out, Jim had this to say once onboard the ship:

To be totally honest the ship is a dream for me. I am not the only person in an electric mobility aid. There are many people in the 3 wheeled scooters moving around the ship. I am really the only one that I have seen in an electric wheelchair with a condition like mine. In any event the floors are relatively smooth. There are bumps for the joints in the ship every 30 m or so, and I have to slow down for them. Otherwise it works really well.

The Lido deck – the deck with the dining room and outdoor decks and swimming pool – works extremely well. If doors are closed, they are automatic opening with the motion sensor, so I don’t have to touch anything. I can move around easily through all the hallways and aisles on the ship so that is a joy.

The bathroom in particular works extremely well for us. It is a flat entry to a flat shower and we can sit my commode chair in their and shower me in the mornings. My lift moves quite well over the carpet. Read more about Jim’s Panama Dream Cruise.

You don’t have to be Jim Ryan  to fulfill a lifelong travel dream. The Accessibility Specialists at Travel-for-All are ready to help you plan the vacation of your dreams!

“From Vancouver, head down the west coast to sun-soaked Mexico. Up ahead, Guatemala and Costa Rica give way to the Panama Canal where you’ll transfer between two oceans.”

This is just one of many itineraries available on the Very Accessible Holland America Cruise Line.

Day 1

Depart: 4:45 PM

Day 2
At Sea

Day 3
At Sea

Day 4
San Francisco, California, US

Arrive: 8:00 AM

Depart: 11:00 PM

Day 5
At Sea

Day 6
San Diego, California, US

Arrive: 9:00 AM

Depart: 5:00 PM

Day 7
At Sea

Day 8
At Sea

Day 9
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Arrive: 8:00 AM

Depart: 5:00 PM

Day 10
At Sea

Day 11
Huatulco, Mexico

Arrive: 10:00 AM

Depart: 6:00 PM

Day 12
Puerto Chiapas, Mexico

Arrive: 8:00 AM

Depart: 5:00 PM

Day 13
Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

Arrive: 8:00 AM

Depart: 6:00 PM

Day 14
Corinto, Nicaragua

Arrive: 8:00 AM

Depart: 4:00 PM

Day 15
Puerto Caldera (Puntarenas). Costa Rica

Arrive: 8:00 AM

Depart: 6:00 PM

Day 16
At Sea

Day 17
Enter Panama Canal Balboa

Cruising Only, Canal transit times are approximate

Begin: 5:00 AM

End: 7:00 PM

Day 18
At Sea

Day 19
Oranjestad, Aruba

Arrive: 8:00 AM

Depart: 5:00 PM

Day 20
At Sea

Day 21
At Sea

Day 22
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

Arrive: 7:00 AM

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Holland America Cruise

Trip Facts

  • Wheelchair accessible transfers throughout the trip.
  • This trip is suitable for individual or group travel.

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