Top 5 Reasons to take a Holiday Cruise!

A Holiday Cruise?

As I sit at my desk and contemplate the writing of this blog post about my top reasons to take a holiday cruise, I can hear you screaming in my head,

"NO! NO! NO! NO! Not the HOLIDAYS! Not yet! It's not even Halloween yet for crying out loud!"

And I get it. I really do. It seems like commercialism creeps into the holidays earlier and earlier every year! Petty greed and unreasonable demands can absolutely ruin what should be a time of loving each other and giving of self, not of things.

It doesn't have to be that way. Commercialism only wins if we let it win. As long as we keep the spirit of the season in our hearts, and refuse to be swayed by the push for mass consumerism, it doesn't matter when they put the decorations on the shelves.

We know what the season is really about, and we celebrate in that.

Planning ahead for a beautiful and joyous family holiday is not about commercialism; it's about family and love and togetherness, and honestly, it's never too early for that.

That being said, holiday cruises are filling up fast, and if you're thinking about doing it, NOW is the time to book!

My top 5 reasons for taking a holiday cruise:

#5 It's the perfect time to splurge

Let the accessibility specialists at Travel for All make your cruise wheelchair accessible!If you're anything like me, you've saved up for this all year, maybe even longer, and you can't wait to surprise your family with a truly all-inclusive vacation; a holiday cruise. Your family might want to consider a suite or adjoining rooms to allow extra space for special decorations, and it's the perfect time to upgrade to a private balcony. Large groups may want to reserve a grand 'matriarchal' suite as a central gathering place with other suites nearby. Third and fourth pull-down berths or pull-out sofas are often available, but quarters could get cramped after a while so be sure to consider everyone's need for space.

#4 Someone else is doing all the work

Hoping for someone to wait on you for a change? Cooking, cleaning, and making your bed daily are forgotten as the crew takes over the daily chores, and you concentrate on spending time with your family and friends. Many ships offer twice daily clean-up service, and help is never more than a call away, so you can relax knowing it's all taken care of.

#3 Fabulous food that I don't have to cook

Overlooking the beautiful sea while dining on scrumptious dishes lovingly prepared by professional chefs is truly the best way to enjoy the holidays to their fullest. Instead of spending hours hunting down the perfect ham (or turkey or roast or whatever), and spending all day roasting in the kitchen, you can be sitting poolside sipping cocktails while  someone waits on you and you daydream about the dishes you won't be washing later. Who could ask for more?

#2 Something for everyone

A holiday cruise brings the whole family together. Let Travel-for-All take you there!It may sound trite, but a holiday cruise truly does have something for everyone. From the children's room for the youngest to the private, yet supervised den for teens and the all-inclusive activities for everyone in between, your children will not have a moment of boredom. They'll sleep every night filled with new knowledge and excitement to take back home!

Mom and Dad are not forgotten either. With the kids safely tended, the grown-ups can enjoy quality time together just relaxing, or perhaps dancing the night away, or even enjoying an exhilarating couple massage. On a holiday cruise, you can find time to reconnect in ways you never imagined.

#1 Family together time

Holidays are a very special time of the year. Family gathers around the table to share stories and recall fabulous events from days of yore. With a cruise, everyone is together, and even when you're apart, there's not that far to go, and you'll all be together again soon. Many ships will spend Dec 24th & 25th cruising at sea, so family togetherness is a given, but with a ship that size, there's always room to get away should you need a break from all the togetherness!

A holiday cruise brings the whole family together. Let Travel-for-All take you there!

Truly, I can't think of a better, more relaxing, more satisfying way to spend the holidays than with a holiday cruise. Feel the same way? Give us a call at 1-888-993-9295 or shoot us an email! We'd love to help you plan the perfect holiday cruise for your family.

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