If you travel to Hardy Falls, you just might meet a bear.

Hardy Falls, BC, Canada

Hardy Falls, British Columbia, Canada

Posted by Jeff Bourne

I’ve been to Hardy Falls many times before, it’s a half kilometer from the parking lot to the Falls themselves.  The path terrain is mostly hard-packed, but pretty rocky with some rough patches along the way.  How rough, you ask?  I managed to loose a castor wheel on my wheelchair in the process of my review, but don’t let that scare you!  It’s pretty packed down dirt.  The hike itself winds along a beautiful creek, with eight wooden bridges going over the creek.  If you look over into the water, you are likely to catch a glimpse of fish swimming in the pools of the creek.  In the early fall you might even see a black bear.  The hike also has three benches for anyone with legs that tire easily.

If you travel to Hardy Falls, you just might meet a bear.


The path is suited for manual wheelchairs, but a power wheelchair would do incredibly well on it.  The platform at the end of the hike to see the Falls is not that accessible due to a step up from the path onto the platform.  But, it is doable with someone who can help push a manual wheelchair from behind.  However, I don’t believe a power wheelchair would be able to access the platform.

In closing, I would highly suggest visiting Hardy Falls, which is just about five minutes from Summerland, BC.