Poland is for everyone

Poland is for everyone!Poland is an eastern European country in The Baltic Sea.  It is best known for its medieval architecture, Jewish heritage, rich history, castles, handicraft work and of course its claim to fame- VODKA!

Poland is a captivating country with rich history that goes back many years!  It is a very friendly spot and the people are genuinely witty and welcoming!

Poland is for everyone!Our accessible travel supplier has won awards for her continuous efforts in creating inclusion and promoting inclusive travel.  Her company is pleased to welcome travelers globally.

Here are some tidbits to plan your accessible vacation to Poland...

Poland is charming with beautiful beaches, countryside, lakes and spectacular national parks.  It is well known for its cuisine and you must enjoy a traditional Polish meal or two when you are visiting this destination!  The hospitality of the 'Poles' is warm and welcoming.

Places we would love to add to your vacation: 14th Century WAWEL CASTLE, CLOTH HALL, THE RENAISSANCE TRADING POST IN RYNEK-GLOWNY (market square).  The one destination, which forever changed the world is THE AUSCHWITZ BIRKENAU CONCENTRATION CAMP MEMORIAL; which will evoke many emotions when visited...

There is a plethora of options when visiting this historical spot in the world-; day trips, health resorts or spend an extended amount of time touring this destination.  Regardless of what you choose, we guarantee that you will be forever changed once you have added this to your 'bucket list'.

Discover Poland in Warsaw

Warsaw – Zelazowa Wola - Lodz - Warsaw

Meeting at Warsaw Airport.  Transfer to the hotel.  Tour highlights Warsaw: The Old Town with the Royal Castle (The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site the Krasinski Palace, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Monument of Heroes of Ghetto, Lazienki - residence of Polish Kings, The Palace on the Water, The Frederic Chopin Monument, nearby the residence of the Polish presidents – Belvedere.  Zelazowa Wola - the birthplace of Frederic Chopin, Łodz-famous for the Polish- German-Jewish tradition.  It is called sometimes Poland’s Hollywood, the Ksiezy Mlyn, Piotrkowska Street – one of the longest shopping streets in Europe.

Wroclaw - Cracow

Tour highlights: Wroclaw is becoming the third largest tourist destination famous for its Market Square and numerous gothic cathedrals, Market Square, Ostrow Tumski, Leopoldine Academy, Town Hall, the Raclawicka Panorama – one of the wonders of Wroclaw.  Cracow-Kazimierz - Jewish District in Cracow.

Cracow – Wieliczka - Cracow

Tour highlights: Cracow - Kazimierz –Jewish District in Krakow, The Old Market Square, the largest medieval European square with the Renaissance Cloth Hall – "Sukiennice", Wawel Hill with Royal Castle, Wieliczka – the salt mine (The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site).

Cracow – Wadowice - Auschwitz - Warsaw

Poland is for everyone!Tour highlights: Wadowice – the birthplace of John Paul II.   Auschwitz – The Death Camp in Oswiecim known as Konzentrationslager.  At present, the National Museum of Oswiecim is situated on the site of the former camp Auschwitz.

Fall in love with Łazienki and Wilanów

Poland is for everyone!Visit the exquisite summer residence of the King of Poland Łazienki, the amazing theatre on the Island, The Palace On the Water.  Visit the famous Frederic Chopin Monument, The Old Orangery, The White Cottage, The Old Guardhouse, and The Myślewicki Palace.  Visit the former residence of the Polish Presidents.  (Belvedere- Wilanow).  The place, often called 'Small Versailles' is a place to add to your list.  This is the Summer residence of King Sobieski who is well known for defeating the Turks in Vienna during the 17th Century.

Jewish Heritage Tour

Poland is for everyone!This tour will share a landmark in history which forever changed an entire race, and the world forever.  It showcases the amazing Jewish heritage.  You will visit the ZOB Bunker which is a stone mound, paying tribute to the Chief of the Jewish Fighting Organization.  Visit the greatest Jewish necropolises found anywhere in the world when visiting the cemetery...  Make a stop at Sienna Street which is essentially a fragment of the 'Ghetto Wall'.  See Chlodna Street, the Janusz Korczak Orphanage.  The Synagogue Nozyk and the well-known Jewish Warsaw Museum are but a few places to mention in this astounding country.

Perhaps, what will leave a permanent impression in your heart, are the beautiful people of Poland.  So grab your notebook and let’s start planning...

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