The ruins of Pompeii are a disability and accessibility nightmare! Let Travel-for-All help you make plans for a fully accessible Italian vacation.

Accessible Pompeii

Pompeii is for Everyone

Pompeii tour with an English-speaking guide for wheelchair confined visitors

The eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD stopped abruptly all forms of life in the city Pompeii. In few days, the city found itself buried under layers of lava and volcanic ash (an event described in two letters that Pliny the Younger wrote to Tacitus). 

The ruins of Pompeii are a disability and accessibility nightmare! Let Travel-for-All help you make plans for a fully accessible Italian vacation.October 24 of 79 A.D. looks like a normal Friday at Pompeii, a city inhabited by about sixteen thousand people who, like countless others in the Roman Empire, work, go to the spa, enjoy their life etc. But at 01pm of that infamous day, by the nearby Mt Vesuvius it was released an amount of energy equal to fifty thousand atomic bombs and, in less than twenty hours, the town was under a deluge of ash and gas (while the nearby Herculaneum was buried under twenty meters of compact mud). Thousands of men and women tried to escape, they invoked the gods, but they found an horrible death. And only in the modern era some of their bodies were discovered, twisted in despair of escape. 

But the same event that destroyed the ancient city of Pompeii, immortalized it for posterity. There are in Pompeii centuries of discoveries, charm and legends. Just to give you an idea of the size and importance of Pompeii ruins, here are some numbers: the archaeological site is about 66 hectares large, of which only 44 hectares are excavated. In the ruins there are about 1500 domus (houses), 242,000 square meters of wall surfaces, 18,000 square meters of painted surface and 12,000 square meters of floors. Every day about 15,000 people visit the ruins of Pompeii. In fact today Pompeii is certainly one of the most important and fascinating archaeological sites in the world.

The ruins of Pompeii are a disability and accessibility nightmare! Let Travel-for-All help you make plans for a fully accessible Italian vacation.
For this reason, we believe it is very important to offer the opportunity to visit this spectacular archaeological site to people with motor disabilities too. Usually, physical barriers, such as rocks, trees, steep inclines etc, prevent the wheelchair-bound visitor from accessing important archaeological areas. But people with disabilities have equal rights to tourism services and opportunities: independent travel, accessible facilities, trained staff, reliable information. So we have designed this particular accessible Tour, led by special-trained professional guides that will share their passion and knowledge of the old Pompeii to disabled people by following a special path inside the ruins accessible to disabled visitors. 

Wheelchair accessibility is difficult in many places in Pompeii and impossible in others. So, You can visit only partially the Roman city, that was buried and forgotten for hundreds of years. Actually, in Pompeii – in the area of the amphitheatre - we have created a special itinerary for the wheelchair-bound guests. Most buildings in that area are accessible, but in some cases, however, the wheelchairs user may need the assistance of a member of their party to fully maximize the quality of the guided visit. Obviously, Your private guide won’t get out of helping his visitors.

Our private guided tour in Pompeii for disabled visitors comprises:

  • Amphitheater, the most ancient of the world
  • The Large Palaestra
  • The necropolis outside Porta Nocera Gate (with the plaster casts of human bodies)
  • Thermopolium
  • Visit inside of a Roman House (during the visit Your guide will check which houses in that area are open)
  • Facade of the House of D. Octavius Quartius
  • Public fountains
  • Stepping stones in the middle of the streets
  • Graffiti on the street walls
  • Frescos on the street walls
  • Water supply pipes
  • The area of the ruins still buried
  • Asellina's Tavern
  • The laundry of Stephanus

This tour itinerary might be subject to little change due to strikes or other unforeseen circumstances (buildings closed for the lack of personnel, etc.)


Take water, camera & sun cream. In low season warmer clothing may be required.


This tour starts from the Access of the amphitheater, that is away from the Circumvesuviana train station. So, if You take the train for arriving to Pompeii, You should take a taxi from the train station to the other side of the ruins. Actually, the other 2 entrances of Pompeii ruins are closer to the train station, but not very wheelchair-friendly.

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