Cyprus is for everyone

Travel for All uses wonderful accessible travel providers in this beautiful location... Here are some snippets from Cyprus to look at!  We will craft a vacation for whatever you would like- Romance, History, Culture, Food, Wine OR ALL of them!

Cyprus and her beautiful, ancient architecture, is accessible for allCyprus is a fascinating island which you must experience!  

Many leisure and cultural venues in Cyprus are accessible and are becoming increasingly common. Routes which eliminate architectural barriers, numerous monuments, museums, nature areas, accommodation options or restaurants offering services, settings and activities that are partially or totally accessible.  Indeed, enormous efforts are being made to adapt to the needs of travellers with physical disabilities by eliminating barriers, providing access to cultural and natural resources.  Cyprus continues promoting accessible tourism in all its destinations.

Cyprus and her beautiful, ancient architecture, is accessible for allWonderful Beaches and Exotic Resorts: Cyprus is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts to be found anywhere in the world.  Rest assured you will have clear blue waters and golden sands. The major resorts at Paphos, Protaras, Ayia Napa, The Akamas Peninsula and Limassol.  Each of these resorts are home to fantastic beaches that are just waiting to be explored!

Wonderful Tourist Attractions:

Cyprus has enjoyed a rich and varied history, with many civilizations thriving on the islands, from the Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras to the present day.  Some of the most famous attractions on the island include Paphos Harbour and Castle, nearby Aphrodite’s Rock on the south-western coast, Curium and Kolossi Castle near Limassol, the city of Nicosia and its ancient and mysterious city walls, the wonderful Troodos Mountains and the delights of Northern Cyprus.

Cyprus and her beautiful, ancient architecture, is accessible for allThe Local Cuisine: Cypriot food is something that has to be experienced throughout your holiday.  Typical Cyprus dishes are a merging of Greek, Turkish, Middle Eastern and African dishes.  The main native dish of Cyprus is Meze, which in general is a selection of Cypriot foods that make up a meal, and in total can comprise up to 30 small courses!  Meze dishes usually contain meat and fish dishes, along with fruits and salad.  If you enjoy fish, you will be guaranteed some fine dishes, as Cyprus is one of the most important fishing locations of the Mediterranean.  Exotic dishes like squids, octopus and red mullet are popular catches of the day wherever you go!

Cyprus and her beautiful, ancient architecture, is accessible for allThe Local Wines: You need a good wine to add to your meal, so you’ll be spoiled by the choices in Cyprus!  It is estimated that wine has been produced in Cyprus for over 4,000 years due to the favorable climate – the production of the sweet red wine called Commandaria, which has been produced for over 700 years.  You can enjoy a wine tasting tour of the local winery estates.  If you happen to be on the island at a time of harvest, you can enjoy the wine festivals that take place over the island, including the Limassol Wine Festival that takes place in August, and the October Grape Festival in Afamia.

Cyprus and her beautiful, ancient architecture, is accessible for allAncient Heritage All Around You:

Cyprus is steeped in history, and wherever you go you will be surrounded by the ancient mysteries of the island.  The museums of the island are a good place to start to learn all about Cyprus.  Check out the Byzantine Museum, The Archaeological Museum in Ano Paphos and the Ethnographic Museum.  The World Heritage Site at The Tomb of The Kings is a great place to view the relics of the Greek and Roman past that date back to the 3rd Century BC.  The ruins of New Paphos will enthrall you – an earthquake once destroyed this ancient city that dates from the 4th Century BC.  You will be mesmerized by the famous Paphos Mosaics here at the Odeion.  The restored open-air theatre has also been restored.  Halfway between Larnaca and Limassol are the stone-age settlements of Choirokoitia.

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