Croatia is for everyone

Croatia is a true rising star of modern European tourism.  Well known to European visitors for several decades as an excellent and affordable summer destination with crystal blue Adriatic Sea and over 1000 islands to enjoy.  Lately, cultural sites of Central Croatia, emerald forests and golden fields of Slavonia attract more visitors each year.  Croatia offers you much more than sun and sea - culture, nature, gastronomy, oenology, hunting, sports - an adventure that needs to be discovered!

Croatia is for everyone because Croatian architecture is steeped in history

Highlights of Croatia

True jewel of Croatian tourism is Dubrovnik and its massive walls - a unique attraction with rich history of rivalry between small Republic and naval superpower Venice. Dubrovnik each year earns its place in top 10 lists of places worth visiting in the world! But Croatia isn't only Dubrovnik. Split and Zagreb are gaining more attention each year and Plitvice Lakes are a favorite spring destination. We encourage you to explore the possibilities!

Tour: Croatian Thresholds of Austria-Hungary: Wheelchair-accessible trails of the
Kingdom of Croatia (all year round) - 5 days / 4 nights

Zagreb is a historical oasisA welcome at Zagreb International Airport followed by a half an hour’s drive to Westin Zagreb, a 5-star hotel situated less than a kilometer from all central squares.  For the first day in Zagreb we recommend a stroll towards Croatian National Theatre with the surrounding area, followed by a stroll towards Flower Square, Ban Jelačić Square (the central town square) and Zrinjevac Park.  We also recommend one or two Zagreb’s accessible museums in the vicinity of the hotel and Ban Jelačić Square (like the Technical Museum, Ferdinand Budicki Car Museum, Mimara Museum and Klovićevi Dvori Gallery) and authentic restaurants or cake shops (like Vinodol Restaurant, Kaptol Klet Restaurant, Medvedgrad Pub & Brewery, Pivana Pub & Brewery, Zagreb Cake Shop and Kavana Procaffe).

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