The beaches in Jamaica are spectacular with soft white sane and bright blue water


Jamaica is for everyone

Jamaica is unforgettable

There is more to Jamaica than its captivating culture and its ranking as the "3rd Coolest Country in the World" by the US television news network CNN. People who visit 

The beaches in Jamaica are spectacular with soft white sane and bright blue waterJamaica is home to some of the Caribbean’s most impressive beaches, Jamaica offers a vast expanse of spectacular white sands.  The beauty of the landscape and culture will amaze you- BUT the Jamaicans will be a ‘forever love’ of yours!  You will be transformed by the music as you are surrounded by Reggae and hear Bob Marley playing on the beaches.

Everyone can enjoy Jamaica. Here a man in a wheelchair and his companion enjoy the boardwalkOf the first things to try are the jerk-seasoned dishes, one of the most well-known cuisines.  Usually served on chicken or pork, jerk and curry seasoning pack a delicious punch!  Some consider it the second-national dish of Jamaica.  Travel For All has a list of accessible hotels, tour providers which are hand-picked and will ensure that you will have an amazing time in Jamaica!  Contacts us to arrange a vacation to any city- we’ve got you covered!

A vacation here will leave you both rested and invigorated! 

"Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?" - Bob Marley

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