Barbados is for everyone


is one of those great countries where locals accept tourists with open arms.  Bajans have an amazing culture that they want to share with visitors.  This kind of warmth, makes your vacation even more memorableBarbados is for everyone; Beaches in the Caribbean features miles of light sand and beautiful blue-green waters.  This sophisticated tropical island has enough culture around to satisfy nearly any adventurous traveler.


What’s not to love?

The turquoise Caribbean waters, secluded beaches and quaint, British communities with past times ranging from mid-afternoon tea sessions up to on-the-fly games of cricket.  You will find fantastic shopping, water activities, nightlife, culture, and their most well known for their Rum!  Rum has been produced in Barbados for over 350 years and Barbadian rum is recognized as one of the finest (and strongest!) in the world today.

Barbados is for everyone; Spectacular Barbadian cityscape

Barbados is one of the many spots in the world whose Tourism Body has created a fantastic initiative for travelers with disabilities.  FAB ‘Fully Accessible Barbados’ ensures that you will have the perfect holiday in this amazing spot!  Travel For All has a comprehensive list of fully accessible hotels, tours and spots that you must see!  We have collaborated with the BHTA (Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association) on projects and would love to share this beautiful spot with you!

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Our founder, Tarita Davenock knows disability firsthand and wants to show everyone that the world can still ‘be their oyster’.  The truth is that the world is not perfectly accessible, there are still bumps in the road…  What is spectacular about the world is that it was made to be seen by everyone; regardless of your mobility or ability.  We work with a select group of suppliers with the same passions as ours.  Choose where and when, and we will work hard at creating what your mind envisions…

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