Galapagos Islands * 7 Day Getaway

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Galapagos Islands * 7 Day Getaway

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Day 1. (includes box lunch-dinner)

The Galapagos Islands are made accessible by Travel-for-All. Book your fully customized, wheelchair accessible travel today. Call 1-888-993-9295!Our Galapagos adventure begins with an approx. 2 hours flight from Quito or Guayaquil to Baltra Airport. This airport is located one hour away (by car) from the main town area of Santa Cruz, so we will need to cross the island from one end to another to arrive to our hotel. This is why we will bring you a box lunch and make the briefing of the tour on the road. We will drive through the highlands of Santa Cruz, and we will use the ride to make our first activity and have your first encounter with giant Galapagos tortoises on the wild. This is the best location to observe and photograph the giant tortoises. We will then continue our ride to our hotel, check in, relax and dinner.

Day 2. (includes breakfast-lunch-dinner)

After breakfast we will visit Tortuga bay, which is a beautiful white sanded beach located approx 30 minutes walking distance from town.  We will admire marine iguanas, as well as have the opportunity to snorkel in search of rays and marine tortoises.  At noon we will return to town, have an early lunch and take our speedboat to Isabela island. (approx. 2 hours). After arrival check in at hotel and then we will have a relaxed walk to the flamingo pond to observe this beautiful birds.

Day 3. (includes breakfast-lunch-dinner)

Today we will have a tour around the bay in search of the Galapagos penguins.  If lucky we will see some lying on the rocks or in the water.  We will make a visit to Tintoreras, a place where we can see sharks from the land and make a short walk to see the sea iguanas nesting and reproducing area. We will also see lots of birds and then make one snorkel swim, where we can hope to see from sea lions to sharks and even some penguins in the water if lucky enough.  Ride back to the island and then we will have a box lunch for you so you can enjoy Concha Perla: a beautiful, calmed pond behind the mangroves to do snorkel. You can also go back to the hotel, change and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at the beach of Isabela.

Day 4. (includes breakfast-lunch-dinner)

Today we will enjoy one of Galapagos highlights:  the tunnels of Isabela. The lava flows have build tunnels and arches all over the place creating a unique scenery. The water is shallow, clear and calm. We can swim with sharks, sea turtles and hopefully see the famous sea horse. There is one problem with this site: we need to take boat for about 45 minutes to get there, and the sea can be quiet strong on the way there, so the tour might be canceled depending on the weather conditions.

People not willing to take this risk have the option to make the hike to Sierra Negra Volcano. This is a full day hike to the crater of the volcano, you can see the steam coming out of the rocks and the landscape here transports you to the moon. It is also a great place to have a panoramic view of the island.

Day 5. (includes breakfast-lunch-dinner)

We will leave Isabela for a one hour flight to San Cristobal (great chance to see Galapagos from the air). In the morning we will visit the San Cristobal Interpretation Center to learn a bit about its history, present and challenges for the future. After this we will make our first snorkel at a very calm site called Tijeretas, where we can swim with sea lions and try to see some turtles, iguanas and with luck some sharks. After lunch we will snorkel at Lobería Beach, where there is a sea lion colony and around the shore you might see brown pelicans and other sea birds. We can also see sea iguanas and in the snorkel we have again chances to see sea turtles.

Day 6. (includes breakfast-lunch-dinner)

Today we will enjoy another Galapagos highlight: snorkel at Kicker Rock. After breakfast we will make a boat ride of approx. 45 minutes to this natural volcanic formation and have the chance to snorkel with rays, sea turtles and hopefully hammerhead sharks. It is also a great opportunity to see blue footed boobies, gulls and frigate birds. This is a full day activity, however when we come back you still have time to relax at Playa Man beach , surrounded by sea lions.

Day 7. (includes breakfast)

Last chance to relax at the beach until around 11 am, then we will take you to the airport for the flight back to Quito or Guayaquil.

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About the tour

  • The Galapagos program is a tour that combines a bit of adventure, culture, nature, and leisure.
  • It is an all-inclusive basis tour. All meals, transportation, accommodation, guide, and activities included.
  • Transfers in the Galapagos; we manually assist the guest by using a sliding board and/or manually lifting the guest into the transport. For snorkeling, each guest will use a safety jacket and foam board to explore the water. Each guest will have assistance in and out of the water.
  • Able to provide a van and/or a bus with an electric lift (max 16 people). Individual or assisted manual transfer into seats is required.
  • Bilingual certified guides for all activities throughout the tour.
  • Assistants or help; we recommend clients use a manual chair, since the entire country is not 100% accessible. Therefore, we will provide one assistant per client to assist with the wheelchair when needed. This will only be for tours and activities, NOT personal activities or duties.

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The Galapagos Islands are made accessible by Travel-for-All. Book your fully customized, wheelchair accessible travel today. Call 1-888-993-9295!

The Galapagos Islands are made accessible by Travel-for-All. Book your fully customized, wheelchair accessible travel today. Call 1-888-993-9295!


Call 1-888-993-9295 to book today!