Galapagos Islands & The Amazon Rainforest

Experience the best that Ecuador has to offer on this incredible 11-Day Tour to the Galapagos Islands & the Amazon Rainforest! On this accessible adventure, you will encounter the diverse flora and fauna of these two picturesque landscapes and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Galapagos Islands & the Amazon Rainforest Highlights:

  • Enjoy the beach at the Galapagos, searching for Blue-Footed Boobies and sea lions
  • Stay at Huasquila Amazon Lodge, the only accessible destination in the Ecuadorian Amazon
  • Engage, dance, and eat with an indigenous community
  • Raft through the Amazon River with a professional team
  • Tour Quito´s Colonial Center, declared a World Culture Heritage site by UNESCO
  • Visit the Middle of the World and straddle the line separating the northern and southern hemispheres at the ¨Mitad del Mundo¨ monument


  • The Amazon-Galapagos program is a tour that combines a bit of adventure, culture, nature, and leisure.
  • It is an all-inclusive basis tour. All meals, transportation, accommodation, guide, and activities included.
  • Hotels throughout the Amazon and Galapagos present a good level of accessibility. Some have roll in showers, some have small (5 inches) step to get into showers, grab on bars, but in general they adapt their facilities to host people using a wheelchair.
  • Re: Rafting on the Amazon River; even though the river is very calm, for safety reasons, we will raft down the river with a security kayaker at all times. Additionally, each traveler will wear a safety jacket, helmet, and all safety equipment. For the transfer in and out of the boat, we manually assist the guest by using a sliding board and/or manually lifting the guest into the boat.
  • Re: Boat transfers in the Galapagos; we manually assist the guest by using a sliding board and/or manually lifting the guest into the boat. For snorkeling, each guest will use a safety jacket and foam board to explore the water. Each guest will have assistance in and out of the water.
  • SAFA is able to provide a van and/or a bus with an electric lift (max 16 people). Individual or assisted manual transfer into seats is required.
  • SAFA provides bilingual certified guides for all activities throughout the tour.
  • Re: assistants or help; we recommend clients use a manual chair, since the entire country is not 100% accessible. Therefore, we will provide one assistant per client to assist with the wheelchair when needed. This will only be for tours and activities, NOT personal activities or duties.

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