Accessible travel trends

Getting around in a wheelchair can be tough, but Travel-for-All makes Bali wheelchair accessible

Accessible travel is moving up the agenda; it is attracting more publicity and being included in wider legislative changes. Here are some of the top issues propelling accessibility into the spotlight. Package Travel Regulations 2018 is a year of legislative change for the travel industry. …

Discover Your Travel Profile for the Perfect Getaway

When it comes to wheelchair accessible travel for people with disabilities, Travel for All is your go-to travel consultant.

The truth is, there are thousands of possible trips out there. There are plenty of great trips to choose from — and then there are trips that are great for you. Being honest about what you want and need and getting to know your own …

Throw a Destination Wedding

Skydiving your thing? How about getting married mid-dive? Call 1-250-984-3032 Today!

The best thing about a Destination Wedding is that you can customize it to perfectly suit your style and taste. What is the ‘thing’ that gives your relationship that special spark?  How will you set your day apart, and how will you celebrate your love …

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