Be an Ambassador

What is an Ambassador? Dictionary meaning: An unofficial representative traveling abroad as ambassadors of goodwill.

What is a Travel For All Ambassador’s role?

  • Share the need for an inclusive society; which includes people with disabilities.
  • Accessible Travel is the largest growing demographic in the travel industry and our Ambassadors are travel lovers who actively travel.
  • Our Ambassadors share the beautiful accessible world with their contacts, colleagues and friends.
  • There is ‘Power in Numbers’ and our Ambassadors share our passion for inclusive travel.
  • Ambassadors promote and share details of our company- trips, reviews etc.

Ambassadors promote Accessibility, Accessibility information, access guides, Accommodation service, Assistive Technologies, accessible travel, wheelchair, disability, travellingTravel-for-All Ambassador Perks

  • Share Travel For All and refer us to your friends, connections and colleagues & receive 15% of the commission proceeds in the currency booked.
  • On your personal travel save 15% of the travel booked with us.
  • Host a group trip to various destinations, and various modes of travel: tours, cruises etc. You will receive your travel at a reduced OR free cost*
  • You will receive a T-Shirt to identify you as an Ambassador for TFA.

*To reach capacity, TFA asks all tour hosts to assist in marketing and promoting the tour.

Want to be a Travel-for-All Ambassador?

Use the form on our Contact page or call 1-888-993-9295 today!