Tab travels in a wheelchair and is here to share her adventures in travel with you!


Introducing Our Newest Team Member Tabassum

Traveling is easier than you think when you let an expert help you plan!

Welcome Tab!

We are thrilled to have this firecracker join our team of Accessible Travel Specialists here at Travel For All.

The youngest of three siblings, Tabassum (Tab) grew up in a large, multi-generational house in Karachi, Pakistan.

Tab travels in a wheelchair and is here to share her adventures in travel with you!Like other Pakistani children, at the time, Tabassum was immunized for polio, but the serum was administered orally, not injected. She took the drops but contracted polio, nevertheless, at age one.

“It was either a bad batch or it was just not working. I still got polio. It started as a flu-like illness and, by the time that subsided, my mother found I didn’t want to move.” The doctor said ‘well, it’s unfortunate, but your daughter’s been paralyzed in one leg by polio.”

“Once you hit 45 or 50, post-polio syndrome shows up. The fatigue level increases, there’s a loss of a balance, aches and pains. Sleeping problems can arise. For me, walking had become extremely difficult to impossible.” She doesn’t let anything stop her from seizing every moment of every day.

Tab was bitten by the ‘Travel Bug’ from an early age, and did not let her disability stop her from travelling all over the world! She is off to Lisbon in August and will be hosting a group trip to Morocco, and Portugal in November.

Our Mantra is ‘Travel Should Be Inclusive- NOT Exclusive ‘and Tab is a here to share all her travel stories with you!

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Travel should be inclusive, not exclusive

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