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Accessible Travel Specialist

Tabassum is an avid traveler and is passionate about sharing her wheelchair travel experiences Tabassum knows disability first hand but has not allowed it to take control of her life. Diagnosed with polio at age 13 months, she has lived with a disability her entire life; however Tabassum has not allowed her disability to pose any barriers in living life to its fullest, and has traveled the world in her wheelchair.

Tabassum is an avid traveler and is passionate about sharing her travel experiences with those  who have a bucket list of places to travel but have put a lid on it just because they feel frustrated and overwhelmed at planning and preparation that goes into making travel arrangements keeping their unique needs in mind.

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Administrative Travel Agent

Picture of SharalyneSharalyn has done her share of traveling and is a big fan of warm destinations.  One of her most memorable trips was to Russia where she visited various orphanages and donated supplies.  

This was a trip of a lifetime, as she had the opportunity to do what she loves most- giving of herself.

Sharalyn is an active Mom and businesswoman which keeps her busy when she's not helping us make your vacation fabulous!  

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Mexico- Accessible Travel Specialist

Alfonso lives in Mexico City and has been travelling and working in tourism since his early 20's, which allowed him to acquire the pragmatism needed to problem solve in each one of his job positions.

He has experience in government affairs: He was Diplomatic Liaison for the Italian Delegation during the G20 Summit in Mexico, Head of Department to the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs and Advisor to the Secretary of Tourism, all in the Mexican Federal Government.

Alfonso describes himself as a humanist who wants to work for a better version of his country, region and world. He's our reliable representative in Mexico.

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Customer Service Specialist

Candice is our newest team member who has extensive experience in customer service. Her creativity and enthusiasm make her a great fit for the team. Her passion for people, coupled with her positive energy is very welcome in this industry.

As Candice learns the travel trade, you will always receive authentic and outstanding customer service!

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Travel Advisor

Nora is a smart, fun loving and outgoing person with a heart of a lion and a deep love for making the lives of wonderful people, like you, easier and more enjoyable. She has over 20 years of customer service, and a desire for helping others matched by her passion for travel.

It has always been Nora's dream to travel to Greece, go deep sea fishing and experience all of the legendary cafes along the way. When she's not planning her own amazing adventures, she is sending positive vibes into the world by volunteering her time for good causes, taking in the local culture and squeezing the most out of life.

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Meet Our Travel Ambassadors


Jennie Smith-Peers is the executive director of the National Center for Creative Aging, an award –winning service organization dedicated to fostering the creativity of older people. She has over a decade of experience in developing inclusive cultural access for older adults and individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer’s to theaters, museums, parks, and entertainment venues.  


 Jeff has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus; however, he has been a travel nut from an early age, and has visited many great spots in the world. Jeff joined a travel agency to share his love of travel; where he could tour cruise ships and ‘tweak’ his knowledge by participating in many online programs. He refuses to let anything slow him or stop him from achieving his dreams; despite many obstacles, he pushes on. 


Lilly has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe. She loves it all—road trips, cruises and just wheeling the world with family and friends!

Lilly is C5-6 quadriplegic since 2002 but has regained significant movement. She uses a power chair on road trips,  but a manual chair abroad. Lilly is losing vision to an inherited retinal disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, for which there is no current treatment or cure. She plans to see as much of the world before her vision goes.


Stephanie Thomas is an accessible travel ambassador promoting Travel-for-All throughout the accessible travel worldStephanie Thomas is the founder of Cur8able, a Disability Fashion Lifestyle brand involved in digital media, content licensing, and fashion styling. She was born with congenital disabilities on her right hand and feet, and has experienced the frustration of shopping for accessible shoes and clothing. Her involvement in this field dates back 25 years.


Shirley has worked as a cruise councillor and specialized in accessible travel and hospitality for persons with disabilities. She has traveled throughout Brazil and the Caribbean acting as a personal assistant to those who liked to travel but were afraid of the barriers in terms of accessibility, etc. Shirley is excited to share her knowledge as a Travel-for-All Ambassador!

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Meet Our Computer Guru


Virtual Assistant

Lorrie Syms is an outside contractor who acts as our Graphic Designer and computer guru. She takes care of our website content, and newsletter publications. She is always just an email away if you have any questions or concerns. Lorrie is an exceptional Graphic Designer who really knows what she's doing, and she will work within your budget to provide services that fit your needs!

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