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Travel-for-All is excited to announce their new partnership with Handiscover!

Founded in 2015, Handiscover ( is the no. 1 holiday accommodation booking website for people with limited mobility or special needs. They uniquely leverage technology to define the level of accessibility of accommodations, classify them with highlights of their features, and enable travellers to find the best accommodations that suit their needs at ease. Whether it be an apartment, a house, a villa, a castle, a treehouse, B&B or a boutique hotel, Handiscover has classified all the accommodations according to their level of accessibility.

Currently, they have over 23,000 certified properties in more than 83 countries and access to over 150,000 hotel via customer support. With Handiscover’s travel tips, blogs and destination guides, travellers will be inspired and have confidence in discovering the world. 

“By collaborating with Handiscover, we can provide our full accessible packages for more disabled people and enable them to discover the world,” Davenock added.

Handiscover is one of the leading holiday accommodation booking sites dedicated to people with disabilities or specific requirements. Howzat Partners is one of their investors. Previously Howzat Partners has invested in a number of successful travel companies, such as publicly-listed Trivago and more recently Lodgify.

There is a huge market for accessible travel and this number continues to increase. According to the European Commission; in 2012, people with accessible needs took approximately 783 million trips within the EU, and the demand is anticipated to grow to about 862 million trips per year by 2020. It is obvious that there is a huge need for accessible services in the tourism industry and with our partnership we hope to provide this.