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Meet our Ambassadors


Jennie Smith-Peers is the executive director of the National Center for Creative Aging, an award –winning service organization dedicated to fostering the creativity of older people. She has over a decade of experience in developing inclusive cultural access for older adults and individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer’s to theaters, museums, parks, and entertainment venues.  


Stephanie Thomas is an accessible travel ambassador promoting Travel-for-All throughout the accessible travel worldStephanie Thomas is the founder of Cur8able, a Disability Fashion Lifestyle brand involved in digital media, content licensing, and fashion styling. She was born with congenital disabilities on her right hand and feet, and has experienced the frustration of shopping for accessible shoes and clothing. Her involvement in this field dates back 25 years.


 Jeff has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus; however, he has been a travel nut from an early age, and has visited many great spots in the world. Jeff joined a travel agency to share his love of travel; where he could tour cruise ships and ‘tweak’ his knowledge by participating in many online programs. He refuses to let anything slow him or stop him from achieving his dreams; despite many obstacles, he pushes on. 


Lilly has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe. She loves it all—road trips, cruises and just wheeling the world with family and friends!

Lilly is C5-6 quadriplegic since 2002 but has regained significant movement. She uses a power chair on road trips,  but a manual chair abroad. Lilly is losing vision to an inherited retinal disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, for which there is no current treatment or cure. She plans to see as much of the world before her vision goes.


Krystian Shaw is the founder of The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter. Born with intellectual disabilities, Krystian was told he would never learn to read or write. With the support of his dear Mom, Krystian has proven his detractors wrong, and at 28, is now the founder and owner of his own business. Krystian believes everyone can be a winner in life and uses his diverse abilities to advocate for disability awareness.


Shirley has worked as a cruise councillor and specialized in accessible travel and hospitality for persons with disabilities. She has traveled throughout Brazil and the Caribbean acting as a personal assistant to those who liked to travel but were afraid of the barriers in terms of accessibility, etc.

Shirley is excited to share her knowledge as a Travel-for-All Ambassador!

Linda S

Linda Shaw has some diverse abilities of her own, and has raised two children with disabilities. With three autoimmune diseases and sight impairment, Linda is keenly aware of the daily issues many people with disabilities face. She uses a cane or a walker at times and is a lover of travel. Linda Firmly believes Inclusion for all is the answer to a united life.

Linda M

Linda McGowanSince her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in 1983, Linda McGowan has tenaciously pursued her dream of travelling the globe. From viewing the top of the world from a basket on the back of a porter in Nepal, to hobnobbing with emperor penguins at the end of the world on the Falkland Islands, Linda describes in vivid detail her exploits and colourful encounters while traveling through vastly different countries. Linda has travelled on every continent to more than 160 countries.


Gordon Fuller is Co-director of the UC Berkeley Architecture and Urban Planning Inclusive Cities Lab for world Enabled. He is a visionary entrepreneur known for creativity and innovation at the forefront of technological innovation. Gordon's focus is on Human experience (HX), an integrative human centered approach driving the evolution of policies, products and services. He has consulted for international leaders in the IT, telecom, consumer electronics and entertainment industries as well as private, public and governmental organizations. As an impactful storyteller and motivational speaker, Gordon lectures and advises local colleges and universities, establishing international programs to train students for careers in the media.

Be an Ambassador

What is an Ambassador? Dictionary meaning: An unofficial representative traveling abroad as ambassadors of goodwill.

What is a Travel-for-All Ambassador’s role?

  • Share the need for an inclusive society; which includes people with disabilities.
  • Accessible Travel is the largest growing demographic in the travel industry and our Ambassadors are travel lovers who actively travel.
  • Our Ambassadors share the beautiful accessible world with their contacts, colleagues and friends.
  • There is ‘Power in Numbers’ and our Ambassadors share our passion for inclusive travel.
  • Ambassadors promote and share details of our company- trips, reviews etc.

Ambassadors promote Accessibility, Accessibility information, access guides, Accommodation service, Assistive Technologies, accessible travel, wheelchair, disability, travellingTravel-for-All Ambassador Perks

  • Share Travel For All and refer us to your friends, connections and colleagues & receive 15% of the commission proceeds in the currency booked.
  • On your personal travel save 15% of the travel booked with us.
  • Host a group trip to various destinations, and various modes of travel: tours, cruises etc. You will receive your travel at a reduced OR free cost*
  • You will receive a T-Shirt to identify you as an Ambassador for TFA.

*To reach capacity, TFA asks all tour hosts to assist in marketing and promoting the tour.

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