Travel for All Team Leaders

Tarita: CEO

Tarita Davenock believes travel should be Inclusive, not Exclusive. Part of the travel industry for 20+ years, she is an expert in creating dream vacations for those who thought dream vacations were for other people.

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Fred: COO US Partner

Fred Maahs, Jr. is a passionate and recognized leader in the disability community and in corporate America. He is also an executive champion for diversity and inclusion.

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Accessible Travel Specialists

Sharalyn: Accessible Travel Specialist & Office Coordinator

Sharalyn is an active Mom and business owner which keeps her busy when she's not helping us make your vacation fabulous!

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Shawn: Accessibility Specialist

Shawn has been seeking adventure for the majority of her life and has had the opportunity to live, work and travel within Canada, Australia and Dominican Republic. Some of her favorite destinations she has traveled to include Peru, Thailand, New Zealand and the good old US of A.  She  has spent the past 20+ years working in the beauty and personal care industry.  Now working with Travel For All, she is excited to combine her passion of travel with helping people see the world while assisting to make their dream vacations accessible.

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Picture of  Accessibility specialist Sharalyne

picture of Shawn in Peru

Jeff: Accessibility Specialist

Jeff has worked with agencies to share his love of travel - there he gained valuable knowledge in the cruise ship industry by completing various training programs, and by touring cruise ships to get a better understanding of how to best serve clients with special needs.

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Travel for All Support Team

Wendy: Controller

Wendy is in charge of keeping us on track and on budget.

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Lorrie: Technology

Lorrie is our website and social media guru. She keeps our message of accessibility for everyone going around the world

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