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About the site... Accessible travel is a very individual process, as we tailor vacations to match our clients’ specific needs.  We strive to ensure that your vacation accommodates your needs in the most accessible format possible.  Vacation quotes are based on your destination, travel date, length, requirements, and the number of people in your party; therefore, you will not see any 'pricing' on our site.

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Tarita Davenock

A Barbados for All

Posted by Tarita Karsanji Davenock Posted on May 20, 2016  0 comments

Known for its sophisticated beaches and enough culture to quench any traveler’s adventurous and inquisitive side, Barbados is a tropical island that can now be accessed by ALL explorers.  Launching, a Fully Accessible Barbados (FAB), an initiative of the Barbados Council for the Disabled, the importance of creating greater accessibility and exploration of the island by those with disabilities is now a concept being adopted by almost everyone on the island - from hoteliers to restaurants and more.  Travel is a right and with a number of Bajan tourism partners enlisting in the FAB program, a totally cohesive and accessible Barbados is now in the sights of the 8 out of 10 Canadians with disabilities that use aids or devices.  "Combining travel needs of those with disabilities with the island’s eclectic terrain - from its rocky eastern shoreline, to the calm, serene waters of its “Platinum Coast,” and changing the landscape of an entire community is a monumental and somewhat daunting task, but seeing a Fully Accessible Barbados is a dream that is quickly becoming a reality," says Deborah Millington, Business Development Officer for Barbados Tourism.  The aim of FAB is to create a cross-section of standards and criteria that help meet some of the challenges travelers may encounter, especially seeing as the prevalence of disability increases steadily with age.  The retirement of Canadian seniors (baby boomers) will soon make up the largest cross-section of the population.  The impact to the Inclusive Tourism sector is significant as over 40% of them will be retiring with some form of disability, and according to recent statistic raises the total value of this sector to over 25% of the tourism market by 2020.  This is by no means a ‘niche market’!

To communicate their level of accessibility, partners will be awarded in the following areas:  Wheel Chair Assisted: Offering easy access to persons who depend on the use of a wheelchair, who can transfer unaided to and from the wheelchair in a seated position.  This person would most likely be an independent traveler.  Or, offering easy access to persons who depend on the use of a wheelchair in a seated position.

Mobility Challenged: Offering easy access to persons who have restricted walking ability and also for those who may need to use a wheelchair some of the time and can negotiate a maximum of three steps.

Visually Impaired: A property or facility that provides easy access to persons who are visually impaired.

Hearing Impaired: A property or facility that accommodates the hearing impaired.

"Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and Barbados Tourism Authority is paving a new way by offering persons’ with disabilities FULL access to this Caribbean paradise," says Saj Rahman, Show Manager People In Motion, a free to the public show for those with disabilities and aims to help enhance independent living taking place May 27-28 in Toronto’s Exhibition Place.   "As part of the upcoming show, we are honoured to offer attendees access and information on traveling with a disability and how Barbados has opened up accessibility to the island and helped enhance independent travel," Rahman adds.  But it’s not just in how tourism partners have made their hotels, restaurants and attractions accessible.  Barbados has opened up their island to those traveling in a whole new way:  The introduction of an amphibious wheelchair that has caught the attention of world-travelers and myself.  The FAB Beach Wheelchair is ideal for people with moderate or severely reduced mobility.  With the introduction of an amphibious, ergonomically designed wheelchair, maneuvering the island, on the ground or in the turquoise, crystal clear water no longer proves challenging.  Easily manipulated on all types of soil, sand or pebbles, its passenger gain full access to the beach and can enjoy a leisurely swim in Barbados’ calm waters.  Known for their warmth, Bajans have proven once again that they have amazingly welcoming culture.

Jeff Bourne

Hardy Falls, British Columbia, Canada

Posted by Jeff Bourne Posted on June 03, 2016  0 comments

I’ve been to Hardy Falls many times before, it’s a half kilometer from the parking lot to the Falls themselves.  The path terrain is mostly hard-packed, but pretty rocky with some rough patches along the way.  How rough, you ask?  I managed to loose a castor wheel on my wheelchair in the process of my review, but don’t let that scare you!  It’s pretty packed down dirt.  The hike itself winds along a beautiful creek, with eight wooden bridges going over the creek.  If you look over into the water, you are likely to catch a glimpse of fish swimming in the pools of the creek.  In the early fall you might even see a black bear.  The hike also has three benches for anyone with legs that tire easily.

Black bear in the forest

The path is suited for manual wheelchairs, but a power wheelchair would do incredibly well on it.  The platform at the end of the hike to see the Falls is not that accessible due to a step up from the path onto the platform.  But, it is doable with someone who can help push a manual wheelchair from behind.  However, I don’t believe a power wheelchair would be able to access the platform.

In closing, I would highly suggest visiting Hardy Falls, which is just about five minutes from Summerland, BC.

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About Tarita

At age 29, Tarita was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis- Struck with the realization that her life would never be the same.  Knowing that her best way forward was to take hold of that life and ensure that its direction was one of her own choosing, that the MS was not going to control her future, she seized on a passion for travel she had nursed since childhood.  This once Social Worker; fluent in hindi and punjabi, became an entrepreneur in an industry where she has been able to carve out a significant niche, based on a personal philosophy that travel should be Inclusive and not exclusive.

Tarita has found her place as an expert in creating dream vacations for those who thought dream vacations were for other people.  A Certified Special Needs Travel Advocate, a contributor for the Huffington Post, and host of The Lonely Planet - Travel for All Show.

Her company Travel for All takes great pride in ensuring that, regardless of your level of mobility or ability, you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Get in touch with her by email here.

About Sharalyn

Sharalyn has done her share of traveling and is a big fan of warm destinations.  One of her most memorable trips was to Russia where she visited various orphanages and donated supplies.  This was a trip of a life time, as she had the opportunity to do what she loves most- giving of herself… She is an active Mom and businesswoman which keeps her busy.   Sharalyn joins Travel for All with a travel background as an agent with a large travel supplier.  Her donating of her time to various organizations makes her an ideal administrator bringing her strong skills to Travel for All…

Get in touch with her by email here.

About Ameera

From a young age, Ameera has been fortunate enough to see much of the world.  Having travelled all through the United States, United Kingdom and The South Pacific, she has quickly realized that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.  As she pursues her degree in Social Work, she works with people with physical and developmental disabilities.  In her career she has been committed to the pursuit of a high quality of life; thus deepening her desire to assist her clients in developing theirs.  Ameera is young and vibrant with a zest for life and travel.  She often says "life is for the living so live it well".  She is dedicated to ensuring that you live well & experience the adventure of a life time....

Get in touch with her by email here.

About Lorrie

Lorrie is the newest member of our team, but she is well on her way to becoming an accessible travel specialist. With a background in hospitality, education, and business, Lorrie brings 20+ years of customer service experience to the Travel-for-All team, and specializes in gathering information from clients to ensure their travel arrangements meet their needs.

Lorrie is a passionate advocate for inclusive travel and believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience the wonders of the world regardless of their mobility issues.

Get in touch with her by email here.

About Todd

Todd is a retired Master Scuba Diver Trainer with PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) with over 40 years of dive experience.  Combined with his 7 years working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as the Dive Manager aboard many of their ships.  His experience instructing and guiding divers with accessibility concerns will not limit your access to incredible experiences in travel and adventure.   From Parasailing to snorkeling with stingrays and what ever else you can think up.  Let him help you put a few checks on your bucket wish list.

Get in touch with him by email here.

About Tony

Tony is our webmaster, when he is not building other websites or maintaining ours he likes to get out and travel.  His travels within Canada span from as far east as New Brunswick to as far west as Vancouver Island, where he and his family have settled and are currently calling home.  Tony is fluent in english, polish and spanish.  He really loves latin food and culture and has travelled to Mexico and Cuba where his spanish has proven to be an asset making those travel excursions much more fulfilling.

Get in touch with him by email here.

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QuoteTarita has been looking after our travel plans for at least 15 years, and she is a gem; hardworking, pleasant, efficient and willing to give an honest opinion on what she thinks we would need or like on holiday.  She is always ready and willing to sort out and improve on any poor decisions we may have made.  Over the years we have come to trust and rely on her advice, and she is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure our holidays are just that, a holiday.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy & Wendy Bryce, Richmond BC
QuoteMy husband and I have had the immense pleasure and good fortune to have worked with Tarita when planning our family vacations.  Not only is Tarita personable and innovative - she consistently provides top quality service - EVERY SINGLE TIME.  There has not been one instance, in all of the years of working with Tarita that we have not experienced great results and a consistently high level of customer service.  We recommend Tarita without hesitation.

Dr. Raeleen Manjak, DM/OL, AMA
QuoteTarita has been very helpful in working with me in resolving a travel problem with a company that I did a booking with.  She was followed up numerous times.

Mark Helmak
QuoteTarita has helped my family and I for some very significant vacation / travel plans. Attention to detail; options provided to make the trip(s) more enjoyable and personable is a strength of Tarita.  I will definitely utilize Tarita's services again and would recommend her and her company to anyone who wants more value and excitement out of their vacation and travel plans.

Roger Carrobourg
QuoteTarita really enjoys her work and has as incredible amount of product knowledge....She is a graduate of the Princess Academy and uses these skills to close more sales and increase Princess and Cunard revenue production.  She has wonderful 'people" slills and is a great assest to the travel industry!

Wade Menard
QuoteTarita is a dedicated, knowledgeable Travel Consultant.  Her ability to know what people need and get it for them is awesome.  She has specified training for people travelling with disabilities, I would highly recommend her.

Alana Newton
QuoteTarita impresses me with her "can-do" attitude and the creative way she approaches challenges; for instance, her learning from and using her MS to provide empathic service to others with disabilities who want to travel.  I haven’t a disability myself but I’m discovering that Tarita uses those same can-do, creative skills in other ways.  She and I are in the exploratory stage of a joint business venture, and her ability to come up with out-the-box ideas leaves me scratching my head, especially considering just how doable they are.  Working with her is opening my eyes more and more to possibilities that I’d never have seen otherwise.  In short, she’s a very smart business person.

Ramona McKean

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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." – Helen Keller

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